Industrial Medics

Medical services include EMR, EMT and Paramedic Services – there for you when you need them most.Learn more

Air Ambulance

Air ambulance medevac service is a phone call away for air rescue missions – when seconds count.Learn more

Special Events

Accidents can happen anywhere. C&S MedX offers peace-of-mind in case a mishap occurs during your event.Learn more

Creating a safer work environment with onsite mobile treatment centres (MTCs) from C&S MedX

Much of the work that makes Alberta tick takes place in remote and isolated locations – miles from a healthcare facility or hospital. So when an accident occurs, time is critical. Lives may be in danger. Work is halted. Schedules and budgets are at risk – not to mention your reputation.

C&S MedX remote industrial medics will assess and treat any injured parties on the spot and coordinate safe and swift transport of them via ground or air to the nearest medical facility. Quick action means that we can help avert tragedy, minimize trauma and recovery time, and get the wheels turning on your operation again as soon as possible.

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What makes C&S MedX different?

  • Committed highly trained, onsite medical personnel
  • New fleet of MTC vehicles stocked with advanced, high-end equipment
  • Specific training for various types of emergencies relevant to job site
  • Our trucks, people and equipment are always ready to go on a moment’s notice – 24 hours a day
  • We keep our promises!

What our clients say

C&S MedX have many years of medical experience on ambulance and air ambulance for the oil field. They have fostered a strong working rapport with our Wellsite Supervisors as well as Apache personnel from our Field Operations. We look forward to sustaining a long prosperous relationship with C&S MedX.
Kent Gillett, Completions Superintendent, Apache Canada Ltd., Zama Lake, Alberta