Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine what emergency medical services we will need for our site?

Industrial medical services vary depending on the circumstances that are specific to your site, such as how many people are on location for each job, and the distance from the closest hospital. Regulation guidelines in Alberta also dictate the level of services we will provide to your project.

How do you price your services?

C&S MedX has always tried to be priced at the industry standard. Our prices vary depending on the level of care required in the field.

How do we know that you will be there for us in the event of an emergency?

Our MTC trucks contain top-notch equipment and our teams are made up of the best people to do the job right for any possible incident that could happen on our watch.

What if a worker(s) requires air evacuation?

Most jobs are registered with Stars. There may be locations where helicopters don’t fly, but planes do. In this case, Stars would arrange for air evacuation. If a customer needs a helicopter on emergency standby, C&S MedX works closely with a major helicopter company in Alberta and can arrange this for you.

What are your company’s government certifications?

C&S MedX is regulated under OH&S. in addition, all medics are registered with Alberta College of Paramedics and also hold a valid licence with ACOP.

How can we be assured that your company will help us comply with OH&S standards?

We have all the equipment required by OH&S plus more as well as the proper paperwork in every truck. We take responsibility for our compliance with OH&S, and we don’t take short cuts.

Are your MTCs safe?

Absolutely. All our MTCs are Tufport and have the highest standards in the industry including roll bars that help prevent the cabs of trucks from being crushed in the event of a roll over. They are all registered with all the proper documentation.

Do you have the right equipment to save a life?

C&S MedX MTCs have all the equipment that ambulances do and medications for each level of medic within their scope of practice – as approved by our Medical director. We have the equipment and people that could save or sustain a life while a patient is in transport to a higher level of care.

We have used the same emergency medical team for years, why should we switch to C&S MedX?

C&S MedX is an upfront and honest company that keeps our customers informed and up-to-date so there are no surprises. We have new trucks and equipment as  well as enthusiastic, highly trained employees that make our company strong.

Do you provide safety training for employees on site?

Yes. Because every job is unique, we provide on-location training to make sure our medics have an understanding of the work that is being performed on the site, and what to do in the event of an emergency for that particular project.

What level of training do your emergency medical personnel have?

C&S MedX has many different levels of trained personnel starting at EMR, EMT and paramedics working on the trucks in the field, as well as having RNs and Doctors.

How many years have you been in the business?

We have been in business for over six years, growing every year while maintaining a high standard of people within our company.