Industrial medics – when and where you need emergency assistance

Where there is heavy equipment, teams of workers and tons of moving parts, injuries can happen at any moment. C&S MedX offers onsite industrial paramedic services to the oil and gas, construction and other industrial sectors, as well as special events, completely equipped MTC units and air ambulance service, C&S MedX is at the ready 24/7 to help ensure a safer environment for everyone on your site.

C&S MedX Medical Standby Services

C&S MedX offers onsite medical services to help ensure workers and visitors are your site can receive swift medical care should they need it. No one wants accidents to happen, but if they do, you know that you’re prepared for them.

C&S MedX specializes in providing medical services and MTC units (mobile treatment centers) for industrial facilities, construction sites and any situation where there are workers in remote and isolated areas – and help is several hours away. Our medical standby services are available for special projects, peak periods, on-going maintenance, site shutdowns and turnarounds, oil spill clean up and remediation and general safety support – whatever suits the needs of your project or facility. C&S has experience working in these industries:

  • Service rigs
  • Drilling
  • Pipelines
  • Forestry

Our MTCs are fully equipped with advanced life support equipment and staffed by highly trained medics, which can include EMRs, EMTs, Paramedics, RNs, Doctors and Medical Directors, depending on your safety requirements.

When a serious accident needs swift medical evacuation by air, C&S MedX can help. Through our industry affiliations, C&S MedX facilitates prompt and professional air ambulance and medevac services when required. Our air ambulance partners are ready to respond 24 hours a day. They have the equipment and professional paramedic staff to deliver a quick, smooth transport to a specialized medical facility.
Community events bring neighbours together. But whenever there are large groups of people together in a defined space, there is the potential for an accident to occur.

With C&S MedX, you can be prepared for the worst with standby medical services that include MTCs equipped with advanced life support systems and highly trained mobile medics. Our teams can be tailored to your audience or demographic, and your timeline (from a few hours to several days), and can adapt to any situation.

C&S MedX special events medical services are ideal for community events such as rodeos, fairs, carnivals, sporting events, TV and movie sets, concerts and more.

What makes C&S MedX different?

  • Committed highly trained, onsite medical personnel
  • New fleet of MTC vehicles stocked with advanced, high-end equipment
  • Specific training for various types of emergencies relevant to job site
  • Our trucks, people and equipment are always ready to go on a moment’s notice – 24 hours a day
  • We keep our promises!

What our clients say

With many operations taking place simultaneously, we needed to implement “Zone” medical coverage. C&S MedX were very helpful in working with us to implement and execute the medical response program. They always address any concerns promptly.
Martin Doll, Well Services Foreman, Apache Canada Ltd. Zama Operations